JV Contest May 2018 - Control Your Destiny 
*Get $100 Bonus for EVERY 10 Front End Sales*
(Refunded sales will be deducted)
1st May 2018 00:00 (GMT -7) to 31st May 2018 23:59 (GMT -7)

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Why Promoting The Wealth Compass?
Top Notch - 9 Figures Copywriting Team
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Product Description
The Wealth Compass introduces the revolutionary "Law of Attention".

The Law of Attention will teach you to intentionally, quickly and easily access Your Natural State of Abundance... so you can FINALLY live the life of your dreams.

Using the highest quality guided meditations and scientifically-based brainwave entrainment...  

The Wealth Compass will help you erase the old stories of scarcity and limitation...  

And re-write a NEW story of Unlimited Abundance.
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