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Email #1

1) How to get OUT of the “Manifestation Black Hole”
2)  You are a manifestation guru

[Your Name] here.

If you’ve ever thought the quest for abundance…

Felt like a crazy time warp… or an endless black hole…  

I’ve got good news… and some bad news. 

Bad news first. 
MOST abundance teachers, mentors and gurus… have got it all wrong…

Because they will try to “teach you HOW to manifest” wealth… health… or X,Y,Z. 

Here’s the problem. 
You don’t need to “learn” to manifest anything… because manifesting is ALL WE DO.

>>> Here’s the TRUTH about manifesting wealth

Manifesting abundance is ONLY about learning how to direct your attention… toward what you want…  

Because EVERYTHING is already 100% yours. 

It’s just waiting for you to let it all in. 

And when I say everything… I mean everything! 

All the money and all the love…  

All the health and freedom your heart could hold…  

Is already yours.  

That’s what physicists like Einstein and Amit Goswami… have proven with “The Observer Effect.” 

AKA, The Law of Attention… (NOT the Law of Attraction!) 

More on that later...  

But the truth is… 

It’s your “old stories”… programmed in your subconscious… 

From childhood…  

That are BLOCKING the abundance of money, success and earth-shattering breakthroughs you want, need and deserve…  

From easily becoming your reality. 

Now… here’s the GOOD NEWS: 

>>> There’s a simple way to get out of the Manifestation “Black Hole”... FAST.

Discover how to easily clear away the clouds that are blocking out the sunshine of unlimited abundance.

Discover how to quickly AND easily overwrite the old stories…

With NEW stories… that automatically manifest the NEW realities you want, need, and deserve. 

Talk soon, 

[Your Name]

P.S. Listen, if you take personal growth seriously… and you’re looking to truly experience what unlimited abundance feels like, let me show you how I discovered it for myself… and how thousands are experiencing it RIGHT NOW. Join us by clicking here
Email #2

1)  Was Einstein a “Manifestation” Guru?
2) Einstein vs. Manifestation “Gurus” - Who Wins?

[Your Name] here.

Did you know that the vast majority of “Manifestation” gurus are actually clueless about how to manifest wealth… apart from selling their “Manifestation” courses?

Ironic, right? 

Einstein actually predicted this… with what he called “The Observer Effect.” 

Which basically states that you… the Observer… are ONE… with the Observed. 

You are ONE in essence with what you’re observing… RIGHT NOW. 

Other leading physicists, like Dr. Amit Goswami, have backed up his research. 

What does this mean for you… if you want to experience unlimited abundance?

It means that you MUST operate in harmony with The Law of Attention. 

You see, since your experience of reality BECOMES…  

Whatever you put your attention on… whether it’s scarcity or abundance. 

And believe me, I struggled big time… with breaking through to radical abundance.

That is…until everything changed...and I mean RADICALLY changed. 

Here’s what I found. 

Manifesting abundance STARTS in your subconscious mind…  

Where we make 97% of our decisions. 

And it’s a subconscious that’s been programmed for DECADES…  

Basically, since you were a child. 

But here’s the catch… 

Manifesting wealth and abundance doesn’t happen...until you clear out the OLD programming…  

And replace it. 

Which...has been just unthinkably complex.

That is… until now. 

>>> Here’s why abundance is already yours 

And it all comes down to the Law of Attention. 

This is the ONE THING that turned years of scarcity programming… into unlimited ABUNDANCE… 

In record time. 

This is the ONE THING that was finally able to harness the power of Einstein’s “Observer Effect”... and unlock unlimited abundance…  

Even when NOTHING had worked before. 

Check it out here

Discover how to leverage The Law of Attention… and reprogram your subconscious mind… automatically… even easily…  

So you can experience the unlimited abundance YOU want, need, and deserve. 

Talk Soon, 

[Your Name]

P.S - I’ve been asked about what happens with “other” manifestation programs you may have bought in the past… that haven’t worked as advertised. Well first, don’t beat yourself up, it’s not your fault. But do yourself a favor and check this out now. Einstein would definitely approve. 

Click here for more
Email #3

1) Can your headphones erase limiting beliefs?
2) Your headphones VS your limiting beliefs. Winner?
Hey [first name]

[Your Name] here.

Have you ever wondered exactly where you learned your beliefs? 

Were you born with them? 

Did you consciously sit down and learn them? 

Did you choose them? 


You… just like me and everyone else on this planet…  

Were programmed with your belief system… including your limiting beliefs. 

Parents, teachers, family members, the news, the media, Madison Ave., Hollywood, life circumstances… 

All of those programmed your subconscious mind… to believe that unlimited abundance was out of your reach. 

That, my friend, is one of the most damning limiting beliefs to ever get deposited into our subconscious mind. 

So, then… wouldn’t it make sense that the single most important key to eliminating limiting beliefs… 

Is to reprogram your subconscious? 

Problem is, it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to reprogram the subconscious and erase all those limiting beliefs! 

After all, it took YEARS to program your subconscious in the first place, right? 

Wouldn’t it take years to REPROGRAM it? 

Normally it would… but not any more

>>> Here’s how your headphones are your new best friend

What if was easier… simpler… and faster than you thought possible… 

To reprogram your subconscious mind…  

And deal a death blow…  

To ALL your limiting beliefs? 

And… more importantly…  

What if it was as simple as putting on your headphones…  

To reprogram your subconscious mind to MANIFEST MASSIVE ABUNDANCE...effortlessly? 

Go here to look into it now

Talk soon, 

[Your Name] 

P.S -  It’s actually possible… with this brand new technology… to do with a simple set of headphones… what used to take years of hard work to achieve. And… it’s all because of this weird tone… based on the laws of physics… piped through your headphones… that’s making REAL abundance… 100% possible. 

 Again, here’s your link
Email #4

1)  This “WeatherMan” unlocks Unlimited Abundance
2)  Manifesting Abundance vs. The “WeatherMan”
3) What does the “weather” say about YOUR abundance?
Hey [first name],

[Your Name] here.

What if everything you've ever learned about “Wealth Manifestation” is 100% wrong?

Now, MOST manifestation gurus will teach you that in order to be abundant… you have to discover some kind of secret “spot” where the “sunshine of abundance” shines on you… 

And it can feel like chasing some kind of mythical pot of gold like a wanna-be leprechaun, right? 

But what if “abundance”...  

Was already your “natural state.” 

In other words, what if you didn’t have to go on some kind of complicated and frustrating search to find the secret to “unlock” abundance? 

What if you could live 100% of the time in a natural state of abundance

You see, Einstein, and other Physicists like Amit Goswami…  

Have proven The “Observer Effect”...  

Which is basically that YOU… and your experience of reality… are ONE THING…  

They can’t be separated.  

Your reality, whether you want it… or don’t want it…  

Exists because YOU observed it into reality. 

You aren’t attracting ANYTHING into your reality. 

You’re actually more powerful than that. 

You’re actually CREATING everything you experience…  

With the power of your attention. 

So it’s like this…  

If you’re not experiencing the “sunshine of abundance”...  

It doesn’t mean the sun isn’t shining… it’s ALWAYS shining. 

It simply means that there are some clouds are in the way…  

Blocking you from experiencing the reality of sunshine. 

What’s needed… is a proven way to clear away the clouds of your limiting beliefs…  

And let abundance IN. 

If you want to discover how to effortlessly clear away the clouds of limitation…  

And discover how to manifest abundant wealth in YOUR life… 

You owe it to yourself… and your dreams… 

Check this out… right now 

Talk Soon, 

[Your Name]

P.S - Even if you’ve spent money on other “Manifestation” training, and it didn’t work... don’t worry. It’s not your fault. It’s just that no one’s ever shared with you the most powerful skill you’ll ever have: how to effortlessly direct your attention toward what you DO want. But that all changes right now. 

Here’s how

Email #5 (Target Topic: Make Money Online)

1) One day from homeless… to 9-Figure Empire
2) From Homeless… to 9-Figure Empire. How???
Hey [ First Name ],

[Your Name] here.

What would you do… if you were mere days away from slamming your family into the cold, hard reality of homelessness? 

Like most reasonable people… you’d probably do whatever it took to land a job. 

Not Mark. 

I just watched this guy’s story… and holy cow…  

He did something crazy. 

He wrote a book. 

Then he took what little money he had left…  

and instead of paying the rent…  

or buying groceries…  

or buying Christmas presents for his family…  

He did something even crazier. 

And his life has never been the same. 

He went from the verge of homelessness…  

To creating a 9-figure Entrepreneurial Empire. 

All because he discovered a secret about manifesting wealth…  

That has NOTHING to do with what MOST manifestation gurus will tell you. 

And I want to tell you his WHOLE story…  

About how one defiant act… (some would call it stupid) 

Has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt…  

That abundance IS our natural state. 

You don’t have to go on some "hocus pocus" secret journey to go find it. 

You just have to discover…  

How to let it all in. 

And I want YOU to experience this unlimited abundance…  

Just like Mark describes…  

If you join me here

And I’ll tell you what…  

Mark holds NOTHING back. 

You’ll have access to the same secret the “manifestation gurus” have missed right in front of their noses. 

Talk soon, 

[Your Name]
Email Swipes (Free Gifts)
Email #1

1) [Free eBook] Why you need this new guidebook to wealth manifestation
2)  [Free eBook] Replace that OTHER Manifestation “Law” with THIS one. It works.
3) The Ultimate Guidebook to Manifesting true wealth
4) The best thing I’ve read on making REAL money
I almost NEVER say this…

But the free book I’m about to share with you is an absolute game-changer. 

Now the reason I rarely call something a game-changer is because there are SO MANY “pretenders” out there hyping the latest and greatest wealth manifestation techniques… that DON’T work. 

And I’m sick of it. 

Most of them are just a watered down and rehashed versions of “The Law of Attraction.” 

Which… doesn’t work… for the the VAST majority of people who’ve tried it. 

The reason THIS ebook is a game changer? 

It’s actually based on a different law - one rooted in the actual laws of physics… not some made-up money magnet malarkey. 

The law is called “The Law of Attention” - and like I said, it’s THE most powerful thing I’ve seen in years… when it comes to manifesting wealth. 

Again… it’s based on actual science. 

Right now, my friend Mark’s ebook “The Ultimate Abundance Guidebook” is free, but only for a limited time. 

He’s going to have to put a price tag on it eventually, but for now, he’s giving it away. 

All you have to do to get it is click here [insert link] 

If you’ve longed to manifest true wealth… without the confusion and frustration of those lame rehashed programs, now is your time. 

In this book, you’ll discover: 

- How to, finally, make "The Law of Attraction" work for you 
- How “magic” gets revealed in the “tragic”
- Albert Einstein’s overlooked but revolutionary lesson on wealth manifestation
- How Mark’s brush with a “death sentence” for his family… resulted in an explosion of abundance that takes his breath away… even to this day

If you’re ready to discover how “The Law of Attention” is the ultimate guide to wealth manifestation, click here now [insert link] 

[sign off] 

PS - Like I said, make sure you get this ebook today. I have no idea how long it will be available as a free gift. You’ll thanks me :)  
Email #2

1)  [Free eBook] Manifestation Gurus Hate this guy
2) Manifestation Gurus Hate this guy because he’s RIGHT
3) Manifestation Gurus Hate this… because it WORKS
4) Replace that OTHER Manifestation “Law” with THIS one. It works
My friend Mark just poked the hornet’s nest.

He published an ebook that takes the Law of Attraction and turns it on its head. 

And it’s got a bunch of LOA gurus fightin’ mad. 

But it turns out… the MAJORITY of people who try the Law of Attraction find out it doesn’t work for them. 

Even people who spend big bucks on manifestation programs, coaches and gurus. 

Most of these so-called gurus couldn’t even make a living… if they weren’t selling people on their wealth manifestation “techniques!” 

Mark’s ebook, where he exposes these messed-up frauds and hypocrites, is free right now. [insert link] 

But here’s where it gets good. 

Mark doesn’t just point out what doesn’t work…  

He leads you step by step into something brand new called “The Law of Attention.” 

It’s mind-blowing because it’s actually based on the laws of physics, not some made-up money magnet malarkey. 

In this book you’ll discover: 

- How to, finally, make "The Law of Attraction" work for you 
- How “magic” gets revealed in the “tragic” 
- Albert Einstein’s overlooked but revolutionary lesson on wealth manifestation 
- How Mark’s brush with a “death sentence” for his family… resulted in an explosion of abundance that takes his breath away… even to this day 

If you’re ready to discover how “The Law of Attention” is the ultimate guide to wealth manifestation, click here now [insert link] 

[sign off] 

PS - By the way, make sure you get this ebook today. I have no idea how long it will be available as a free gift. You’ll thank me :)  
Audio MP3
Email #1

1) What if one weird sound could change EVERYTHING? 
2) Can one weird sound DESTROY limiting beliefs?
3) MP3 Download - Limiting Beliefs Destroyer
4) Remove Your Limiting Beliefs (Audio MP3)
What if there was one weird sound… based on the latest brain research…

That could radically change your life…  

By destroying the limiting beliefs that are holding you back right now? 

Would you want to know what it is? 

And wouldn’t you download it ASAP if it was 100% free? 

Download the “Limiting Beliefs Destroyer” MP3 right here [ insert link

Think about it.  

EVERYONE struggles with limiting beliefs. It’s part of the human condition. 

And those limiting beliefs are what’s holding you back from experiencing and enjoying…  

All the money, love, happiness, health, and freedom…  

You deserve. 

When I came across this latest neurological research on the power of brainwave technology… 

I just had to get this one MP3 into your hands as fast as I could. 

Download this 100% life-changing MP3 before they start charging for it! 

Here’s that link again so you can download it today  [ insert link ]

[sign off] 
Email #2

1)  Is THIS free audio the shortcut to a million bucks?
2) One millionaire’s  “secret weapon” (Audio Download) 
3) Can your headphones help you manifest wealth?
4) Confirmed MP3 Download
Want to hear something crazy?

The latest neurological research suggests that the #1 roadblock to wild success… and I mean MILLIONAIRE-level success…  

Has little to NOTHING to do with skills… or knowledge… or upbringing… or education. 

But has EVERYTHING to do with YOUR beliefs about success. 

And that, once you deal your limiting beliefs once and for all…  

It’s like you get immediate access to the “autobahn” of radical success. 

Now, what if the shortcut to that crazy success…  

Came by way of a free, instant MP3 (5.14Hz) download? 

Would you want it? 

Get The 5.14Hz “Limiting Beliefs Destroyer” here [insert link] 

To be honest, you wouldn’t have anything to lose, would you? 

Except the limiting beliefs that are holding you back right now from all the money, love, happiness, health, and freedom you deserve. 

I came across this free MP3 download that is getting insane results for people across all walks of life… 

And I had to get it into your hands as fast as possible. 

Again, this is 100% free and 100% backed by scientific research. 

Get your free download before they start charging an arm and a leg for this. 

Download Your MP3 here [ insert link ] 

Tip: Make sure to use your headphones...

[ Sign off ] 
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Blog Reviews
Blog Review #1
This morning when I woke up, I felt a change pulsating through my veins – I could literally experience it coursing through my body. Everything around me felt positively charged and I began to see things from a different perspective. This has been made possible due to unlimited abundance in my life, an aspect that I recently recognized and embraced thanks to the Wealth Compass course.

Here are some pointers that I found to be useful, while embarking on this amazing journey:

• Don't focus solely on the literal expression of abundance, i.e. money, big ticket items. Yes, Wealth Compass does improve your financial situation over time, but qualifying the worth of something solely through a monetary filter will often keep you from the experience of feeling abundant. That is why I focused on what it means to be receptive to goodness and abundance in your life.

• I decided my own limits – once my mind was made up, I felt more at peace and clearly chalked out what I wanted from life. It doesn’t mean you have to zero in on a scarcity mentality though.

• Steer clear from media definitions and others definitions of what you need to be happy. The bigger, better, faster more crowds definition often is one based on entitlement and comparison more than a true connection with what makes you (and only you can know) happy.

• Practice daily gratitude for what you do have, remind yourself regularly and daily of these overflowing non-conditional goodness in your life.

• When you have feelings of unworthiness don't ignore them. Instead acknowledge them and make an agreement with your better self to set them aside while you visualize your desires and dreams. To tap into the natural state of abundance it is necessary to overcome those emotions.

• Your body doesn't know the difference between imagination and actuality. Feeling it with your five senses and with your heart freely and clearly will help you materialize it in the outside world. Wealth Compass has let me explore this aspect in a wonderful manner.

Last but not the least, I make a daily practice of opening to the experience of receiving abundance, so you too should keep an active checklist of what the universe has provided since honoring your practice. The Wealth Compass has allowed me to find “unlimited abundance”, which you can do so as well, by opting for the course at a nominal fee. Go ahead and try it!
>>> http://YOURIDHERE.wealthcomp.hop.clickbank.net <<<
Blog Review #2
In today’s fast-paced world, we juggle hectic lifestyles and irregular schedules, which completely turn our lives haywire. That is exactly what happened to me – before I realized what was happening, I was buried in unpaid bills and my bank account was in dire straits. A friend told me about the concept of “natural state of abundance” and the Wealth Compass program, and how it could help me land on my feet. I was skeptical, but once I tried it, the benefits were significant and allowed me to make much-needed changes in life. 

Finding my natural abundance

I hated history in school. From early on, my history grades were always the worst. On the other hand I loved to read, so I did well in his English classes and loved classic literature. I couldn’t tell you details about World War I, but I could remember a historical fact if it interested me. That is when I realized, that if I am interested in a particular subject, then my mental abilities are automatically engaged. The key to my abundance lies in my interests!

Trying not to attract scarcity

If your nature is a begrudging one and you are convinced that you are doomed to a life of scarcity guess what you will attract? You will attract only more scarcity with a side helping of doom and gloom. I made this mistake and learned the hard way! Who would you want to work with or spend your money with, the person that is cheerful and thinks abundantly or the person that thinks there isn't enough to go around spreads doom and gloom and barks at anyone that suggests the sun might shine?

How to find abundance?

I looked for my abundance by starting with interests and hobbies. For instance, you could make a very good living mining your desire to assist people by helping them find the exact thing they are looking for through sales. Let Wealth Compass guide you on how to “live abundantly” and thus attract abundance. It is important to believe in an abundant universe as it paves the way forward.

After Wealth Compass, I sincerely believe there is no scarcity in the universe, and that it only exists in our thinking, which in turn creates scarcity in our personal wealth. I realized that I have to change my thinking, which would affect actions, and consequently bring about desired results – thankfully I did and I am happier and more financially secure at the same time.
>>> http://YOURIDHERE.wealthcomp.hop.clickbank.net <<<
Blog Review #3
Throughout history, everyone has questioned the passage to prosperity. Some believe it to be the high road through the “rat race” while others remain complacent believing it to be an impossible dream. There is yet a third category that has redefined prosperity using divine principles to create a natural spiritual abundance.

What is abundance?

Yes, that is the exact question I had before I opted for the Wealth Compass course – I had absolutely no idea what it meant! However, now I would define it as a state of consciousness, an overflowing fullness regardless of how little you may have. To clearly understand and define the difference between the paucity and prosperity of spirit, you need to reflect on one's thoughts and actions on a moment-by-moment basis. Self-loathing is a strict no-no when it comes to abundance.

What is it about?

Self-respect and a sense of deserving, play an integral role in igniting and sustaining abundance. If you believe that you deserve something, you will very quickly attract a lot of what you long for. If however, your unworthiness overshadows your wants then you could be waiting forever. I was astounded to know about my self-worth, which helped me to believe in myself. It inspired me to take charge, rather than asking – why me, and then playing the victim. Thoughts of scarcity would have made me needier, so even if I had everything, there will be emptiness on physical, emotional, and social levels. While being financially secure does bring forth a state of abundance, it isn’t the sole aspect of it. Abundance means giving your last morsel and trusting there will be enough for you. Abundance means a big heart, a generosity of spirit; not counting or calculating.
How does abundance help?

It is the knowledge that I have the inner power and qualities right here, at my disposal. As an eternal being of light, I have everything. I just have to re-member and reconnect to this wisdom. The easy way to manifest abundance in your life is to create a vision first of the life you want and then to water that vision daily with powerful, positive, pure thoughts of love and attention.

Want to live in abundance? Wish to explore the enormous supply of virtues, powers and qualities in your soul? The Wealth Compass has all the answers you are looking for! It guarantees positive results or else you get your money back – certainly worth taking a risk, right?
>>> http://YOURIDHERE.wealthcomp.hop.clickbank.net <<<
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